What’s new on CoinPanel? | Bitcoin recovers shortly after Russia-Ukraine shock

Here’s what’s new on CoinPanel this week:

  • Did you know? We’ve recently added a new feature — Import/Export Drawings — to allow you to backup your chart drawings.

Take a look at our latest video highlighting the different updates we’ve made over the past few weeks:

Russia has announced a “special military operation” on early Thursday, sending the US stock market and Bitcoin price tumbling. The leading cryptocurrency fell under $35,000 following the announcement, resulting in an 8% drop.

Since Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announcement, Russian forces have begun an attack on Ukraine, with reports of troops crossing the border to the north and south. Explosions have been noted in multiple cities in Ukraine, including its capital Kyiv.

Bitcoin price has recovered to reach $38,000 following the announcement of sweeping sanctions directed against Russia by the United States and the European Union. The crypto market recovery moved in lockstep with global financial markets.

Recent on-chain data suggests that Bitcoin could be in a sustained bear market as the prevailing downtrend has deepened.

Over a quarter of all network, entities are now underwater on their position and the recent sell-off leading to the Ukraine crash could be associated with financial cost and the psychological pain of holding an investment that is in a negative position.

While it is impossible to estimate when downtrends retreat, and when uptrends start, it is vital to be able to benefit from trading in the crypto market either way.

At CoinPanel, we are always looking at ways to improve the trading experience for our users, and we will soon introduce a new feature for traders to be able to utilize the Full Trade functionality to short cryptocurrency assets.

We’ll be announcing the new feature very soon, stay tuned!

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